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Halley Machine Vision was founded in 2012 as a specialist in the design of artificial vision systems dedicated to quality control and flexible industrial automation.

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Halley Machine Vision directly creates its own artificial vision systems, perfectly managing the application knowhow and software development. By integrating the best products available on the market today, the company can meet all clients’ needs related to productivity, repeatability, accuracy, flexibility, and management.

In 2012 the company started to work directly in the market, achieving more and more relevant results in many different industrial sectors, including automotive, food service, household appliances, and packaging.


In its perception of future, Halley Machine Vision imagines a sector in which software will no longer be a matter of choice but an absolute need. High-quality, effective and efficient artificial vision solutions are the result of the deep knowledge of the application to be created and of the capability to use the most advanced technologies available today.


Our company aims to be a trustworthy partner with whom you can establish a good synergy of mutual growth and trust, with the objective of creating together an industry that will be both competitive and cutting-edge in the future.

Halley systems are created with industrial hardware and have been designed to be installed inside automatic machines and teams of robots. Our integrated products have been chosen among suppliers who have much experience in the production of items for the image processing in the industrial sector:

Halley for development software uses the Halcon Vision library provided by MvTec.

Halley Machine Vision is a MvTec certificated Integration Partner